Child Specialist

Are you worried about how the divorce will affect your children? What are their doubts and concerns? What can you do to help them? Who will listen to them and give them a voice?

A Child Specialist can help.

A Child Specialist is a licensed mental health professional with specialized training to help children understand and deal with divorce. The Child Specialist is the only member of the team who functions as a child advocate, and the voice of the children. The child specialist provides a safe place for the children to talk to an objective person who will inform the parents of how the changes in the family are impacting the children.

Your Child Specialist will talk with each of the parents about your goals and concerns and share important information to help you understand your children’s experience of the divorce. Your child specialist will support your children in expressing feelings and reactions to the changes in the family. Your child specialist will meet with both parents and your Divorce Coaches to share important information about your children’s needs and perspective you need to create your co-parenting plan. This allows parents to be central in developing a co-parenting plan that reflects the unique needs of the family and will promote cooperative co-parenting and emotionally safe and healthy homes for the children.

Your Child Specialist will:


Provide a safe place for your children to be heard


Help you understand the impact of the divorce on your children


Listen to your children and voice their needs and concerns


Provide you with the information you need to make important parenting decisions


Help you to create a co-parenting plan with your coaches

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