Barbara Seifer

Barbara Seifer

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

About Barbara

Barbara Seifer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist located in Burlingame. Her practice includes Collaborative Divorce coaching, as well as being a Collaborative Child specialist. She also works with clients in individual therapy, couples counseling, coparent counseling, family therapy, mediation, and consultation. Barbara especially enjoys working within a team in the Collaborative process, helping her clients when emotional issues arise (as they do), and brainstorming ideas with the clients and the other professional team members.

When asked what she likes best about being a therapist and why she has done this for so many years, Barbara explains that she loves helping people gain insight into their behavior- why they do what they do and understand the family roles they either inherited or self-imposed. She tries to help her clients strive to live their best lives and hopefully leads by example.


405 Primrose Rd, Ste 301
Burlingame, CA 94010



(650) 344-3168

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