Jamie Duddy, MFT

Jamie H. Duddy M.F.T.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

About Jamie

Jamie is a seasoned Licensed Marriage Family Therapist dedicated to supporting individuals and families navigating the complexities of divorce and custody. With her private practice specializing in divorce-related services, Jamie brings a wealth of expertise in mediation, coaching, co-parent counseling, and child custody evaluations. Her holistic approach encompasses:

  • Divorce Coaching: Divorce is a significant upheaval that disrupts the lives of all family members, creating emotional and practical challenges. As a Divorce Coach, Jamie provides empathetic support and practical guidance throughout this journey. She helps clients redefine their roles as single parents and co-parents, fostering resilience and personal growth while focusing on actionable coaching rather than traditional therapy.
  • Child Specialist Services: Divorce affects children uniquely, often leaving them confused and anxious about the changes around them. Jamie excels in understanding children’s verbal and non-verbal expressions, translating their needs into clear, compassionate insights for parents. Her approach ensures that parents can effectively respond to their children’s needs, strengthening family bonds and enhancing parent-child relationships.

Recognizing that parents aim to do their best despite the turmoil, Jamie offers the necessary guidance to elevate their parenting skills. Her support empowers parents to positively impact their lives and the well-being of their children, creating a more stable and nurturing family environment.


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