Alissa Kempton

Alissa Kempton, Esq.

Certified in Collaborative Practice

About Alissa

Practicing since 2003 as a family law attorney, Alissa Kempton has helped her clients move through one of the worst experiences in their lives to a more positive space. Alissa is highly experienced in Collaborative Practice, litigation, mediation and acting as consulting counsel to reach closure in divorces and related financial and child custody disputes.

The welfare of children in the divorce process is a focal point for Alissa—she believes that the court system is not the ideal forum to best serve a child’s needs. She has seen how the court process can increase conflict between parents, which in turn can have a negative impact on the children.

When children are part of a divorce, Alissa pursues every avenue possible to keep the case from going to court.

Alissa is a certified practitioner of Collaborative Practice. She has served as the Chair of the San Mateo Collaborative Practice Group from 2019 – 2021, serving as Co-Chair from 2017 – 2019 and is a member of the Collaborative Practice of San Mateo County and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP). Collaborative Practice agreements rely on effective communication, and Alissa is skilled at utilizing the techniques and emotional and psychological resources that support a collaborative team approach. She volunteers for San Mateo and Santa Clara family law courts as a mediator and has built a productive network of relationships in the family law community.

Alissa is a proponent of collaborative divorce as a more civil way for parties to drive what happens in their lives, keep information flowing freely and ultimately achieve a more enduring agreement. Alissa’s compassionate and holistic handling of clients’ cases includes empowering her clients to understand the issues, make decisions and effectively navigate the divorce process.


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